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Welcome to Creekside Eventing, a luxury eventing barn in Georgetown TX a suburb north of Austin, TX.

We're dedicated to giving you the very best boarding, lessons, and training for three day event riders and horses.

We also have several event ponies and horses for sale.

See our Sales & Leases page on what is available. 


There is a shortage of first class eventing barns in the Austin area and we are here to change that by building a new state of the art facility that offers everything

three-day eventing riders and their horses need at an all inclusive rate. 


Founded in 2022 by the Hammerlinds, Creekside Eventing was established to fill the need for a high quality three-day eventing barn in Austin, Texas.  Our trainers are so excited to help equestrians achieve their riding goals and pursue their eventing dreams.


Our mission at Creekside Eventing is to offer an exceptional experience for three-day eventing riders and their horses, by providing the best professional training, premium boarding, and eventing lessons in the Austin, Texas area.

Creekside eventing is committed to providing horses and riders with the skills and confidence necessary to compete in all aspects of 3-Day Eventing. Building a solid foundation in dressage, show jumping, and cross country. Focusing on the importance and benefits of good all around horsemanship while providing unique and individualized programs.


Creekside Eventing has limited space available,

so reserve your spot today. 

Creekside Eventing Georgetown, TX
Creekside Eventing Austin, TX
Creekside Eventing ATX
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We are a state of the art eventing barn offering high quality care for eventing riders and horses.

Our Facility Features:

Gated facility with state of the art Derby fencing, cameras, and security throughout the entire property. 

New Barn Master insulated barn with floor mats and big fans installed for each 12x12 stall.


Cavalor feed

Tifton 85 hay


Four wash racks and grooming stalls located inside the barn. 

Two state of the art lighted arenas with Arena Green Footing (never dusty and always perfect consistency).

100 X 200 Dressage arena ready to school.


150 X 250 Show Jumping with Premier equestrian jumps.

"Premier Equestrian jump standards are built to outlast the competition.

Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), each of our jump standards are tough, durable, and hold their color.

With no joints to stress, there's no chance of structural failure, and base feet can be added with sand for added stability.

Premier jump standards aren’t just the most durable products on the market—they’re stylish too!

Each horse jump standard is molded in one piece with detail and decor on both sides."

Covered Round Pen


Gallop track around property with hills for conditioning.


Cross Country course coming soon...

24/7 on-site staff

Large Bermuda grass turnout with shelters that are maintained ongoing and over seeded when necessary.

Dry paddocks

Creekside Eventing has limited space available,

so reserve your boarding early.

Contact us to experience luxury boarding!

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The Hammerlind Family - Creekside Eventing Austin, TX
The Hammerlinds - Creekside Eventing Georgetown, TX
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Megan has been an avid horse rider since the age of 10. Growing up she loved being involved in Pony club and young riders events. She has ridden and trained with many Olympic level riders and trainers throughout the United States.

Megan was a working student for Abagail Lufkin and worked under the best groom ever Liz Cochran, where she was able to learn and train from the very best in three-day eventing.


Megan has started all of her show horses from the ground up and loves adopting OTTBs and giving them a new job in eventing. she has trained many horses and now has a new herd of them in the making. She has been actively involved with horses most of her life except for taking a small break to start a family.


Through her life experiences, Megan has learned lifelong skills that she now implements into a first class facility for event riders and horses. Alongside her will be several exceptional trainers that have years of eventing under their belt.

Her husband Chad, works as a patent attorney for Pilsbury.


Chad and Megan have 6 children who range in age from preschool to college.

Their daughter Kensington, who started riding at 5 years old, hopes to follow in her mom's footsteps and someday be a trainer at Creekside Eventing! 

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Avery Klunick -  Head TRAINER

Avery grew up in Midland, Texas and was an Area V Young Rider. She won team gold and placed 5th individually at Young Riders in 2011 in the then CCI2*. She returned in 2012 to Young Riders in the 3* and placed 7th individually. Avery majored in Finance at Texas Christian University and spent the summers on the west coast working for Olympic selectors, Bea and Derek di Grazia. Derek is a renowned XC course designer who most recently designed the XC at the Tokyo Olympics and has designed the XC at the Land Rover Kentucky 5* for 10+ years. Avery spent the summers in California and took her riding to the next level. During college she completed ten advanced level and 4* competitions with her Young Rider partner, In It To Win It, and qualified for the then Rolex Kentucky 5*, all while balancing an intense course load. 

Immediately upon college graduation, Avery moved to the east coast to be a rider for Boyd Martin. Three months after college graduation she competed in her first 5* at Rolex. Avery was the youngest competitor there and she finished in the top third, with a clear cross country trip and some time faults. She continued working for Boyd after Rolex and moved her second horse, Ringwood Army, up to 3*. Sadly shortly after Kentucky, ‘Winston’ had a horrible colic and extensive stomach cancer was discovered. He had to be put down which was heartbreaking. Avery decided to slowly shift from riding professionally into a finance career. She has been working at JP Morgan for the past four years and most recently lived in the UK for two years. She worked at JP Morgan on American hours in London to campaign her self produced young horse, Pisco Sour, to the 3*L level. Avery rode with Australian Olympic silver medalist, Kevin McNab for the past two years and the highlight of her time abroad was competing at the Mondial du Lion Young Horse World Championship in France.

Avery moved back to the US to pursue her MBA in Austin this fall. She has spent the last ten years learning from the best in the sport and she is excited to teach in Austin while in graduate school. She is an extremely technical rider and teacher who believes in holding students accountable to a very detail-oriented, personal plan. She is also a very positive teacher who enjoys mentoring students and helping them reach their competition goals.

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Katrina Natwick - Barn Manager / Assistant

Katrina has over a decade of experience caring for and managing sport horses to a high degree of excellence. She is originally from Montana, where she managed multiple ranches and farms, rehabbed injured horses and managed sport horses for Eventing and Dressage disciplines for upper-level riders and for her own personal ride.  Her focus is to create an efficient barn that keeps excellent horse care at the top priority.  


Katrina is an upper-level United States Pony Club Member with her HB certification and is working towards her HA in 2023. She has goals of international competition in Eventing, achieving her USDF medals, and USDF/USEA instructor certifications.  


Katrina has experience up to Third level Dressage and Training Level Eventing.  Outside of Eventing/Dressage, Katrina loves bringing along OTTBs and specializes in starting horses and problem solving along with Liberty/groundwork.  She is currently prepping for the 2023 RRP competition in Kentucky with her OTTB gelding, Lundi. 


Katrina’s passion is connecting humans with their horses through psychology-based horsemanship and teaching excellence in every form of horse management.  Outside of hands on with horses, Katrina strives to empower the next generation of equestrians to live life with passion, intention, humility, self-worth, and empathy.  

Katrina lives with her husband and three dogs.

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